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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Caveman parenting for screaming brats

A new study by the University of Notre Dame says that plenty of snuggles and cuddles and hugs will make Junior grow up to be a well adjusted child who is considerate of others. Like the caveman used to do it. The study’s main focus was on a problem that exists in schools today of terrorizing ones peers through bullying. Apparently the Stone Age parents had the right idea to teach their kids how to “navigate the world."

This said, I want to focus on the little “screamers” who apparently have received little more from their parents than undying approval to act in any way they want in public. And become one of the biggest annoyances in super markets, department stores, even Starbucks. These little urchins run wild, screaming and antagonizing everyone around them, while their idiot parents look on in a fawning manner.

Kids like this should be born at least age 18, or kept underground until they are.

A must read here.

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Anonymous said...

Got screaming brats? There are restaurants that will cater to you and no one will be offended by you child's inconsiderate behavior. One is Chucky Cheese. That is one of the appropriate places to go. A nice steak/seafood restaurant, Olive Garden, etc. NO NO NO. The rest of the public does not wish to hear your screaming offspring!!!!!!