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Friday, October 08, 2010

Gun laws must be changed now to protect the innocent

It is out of hand! You can’t watch the news anymore without hearing of another shooting, and in many cases multiple deaths. The loophole where these crazy freaks are getting these handguns must be closed, whatever it is. If it steps on the toes of the NRA and gun groupies, so be it. Someone must stand up to this amalgamation of unreasonable bubbas and quit accepting their sophomoric saying, “Guns don’t kill, people do.” I Googled “2010 shooting deaths” and got 52.2 million hits.

Here are links to some of them, all after May 1, 2010:

May 21

July 3

August 30

Sept. 26

Sept. 27

Sept. 30

Sept. 30

Oct. 4

Oct. 4

Oct. 4

Google: “2010 shooting deaths”

We have to get guns off the street, even if it makes it inconvenient to obtain them for those who do it legally.

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