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Tuesday, October 05, 2010

How’s your sex life?

A new study in the Journal of Sexual Medicine says that everything is normal. It looks at how often we have sex and with whom, and how we respond. Participants in the survey ranged in age from 14 to 94. When I was 14 you had better not admit to anyone you had sex, must less enjoyed it. The new study updates one done in 1994 called the “National Health and Social Life Survey.” Major differences now include the spread of sexually transmitted diseases, the kind of sex education kids get today, same-sex marriage and socializing on the Internet.

You might not want to know, but your kids consider condoms to be a standard item to have on hand. If you do, talk to them about their sexual habits.

Oh, by the way, guys say their partners have orgasm 85 percent of the time, while the females say it is only 64 percent. Now who do you think is fibbing?

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