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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Wanna know where all that secret money goes?

To the GOP, of course, eventually, but it funnels through seven non-profit 501(c) organizations that do the collecting. The New York Times calls these groups a “regulatory netherworld” because neither the IRS nor the Federal Election Commission is keeping a close watch. Thanks to a conservative Supreme Court, it’s politics as usual, completely out of hand. Here are the culprits and how much they are spending.

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce: about $5 million. Primarily supports Republican candidates. The 60-Plus Association: about $4.7 million. Its chairman is against taxes and backs the Tea Party. Americans for Job Security: nearly $3.8 million. Usually leans Republican when it spends. American Future Fund: about $3.6 million. Has supported Republicans exclusively.

Crossroads Grassroots Policy Strategies: about $2.9 million. A Karl Rove group. Revere America: about $1 million. Former New York Republican Governor George Pataki chairs group. American Action Network: about $550,000. Will support Republican congressional candidates.

Back room politics at its best.

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