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Monday, October 25, 2010

Why Islamic law outrages Americans

According to the Federal Supreme Court of the United Arab Emirates, it is OK to beat your wife and children. Just don’t leave any marks. So says the strict Islamic law in a land where there is actually a large foreign population. The court ruled in a case where a husband beat his wife and daughter, leaving both with physical evidence of the beating.

Although the husband is admonished for only the appearance of abuse, the law clearly flies in the face of a civilized society. In the video below, a religious Cleric actually tells an interviewer that these beatings honor the woman.

If you are interested, based on a site, The American Muslim (TAM), violence is not accepted in their interpretation of Islam. It says: “Marriage in the Islamic context is a means of tranquility, protection, peace and comfort.” Perhaps why they left the middle-east.

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